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Admission Committee

  1. 1. Mr. R K Saroj PGT (Economics) I/c
  2. 2. Mr Vikas Meshram, PGT (CS
  3. 3. Mr Alok Modi, TGT (Hindi)
  4. 4. Ms. pooja singodiya, TGT (Maths)
  5. 5. Ms. Komal PRT
  6. Mr. Anil Kumar PRT

Responsibilities of Core Committee

  • Admission to all classes throughout the year including RTE as per KVS norms.
  • Planning & Conducting of Admission Test for class IX.
  • Monthly review Meetings on admissions done. This work has to continue till November 30.
  • Maintenance of Register of data required for submission to KVS (HQ).
  • Responsibility of Core team is to coordinate and direct the supporting staff for a smooth execution of the work
  • Every month Enrolment of the Vidyalaya has to be collected and checked by the department and submit the same to the Principal – This has to be done a day prior to last working day of the month.
  • Every month vacancy of each class & section-wise details are to be recorded in the admission register and submit to Principal - –
  • This has to be done a day prior to last working day of the month.


Examination  Dept


  1. 1. Mr. P S Thakur PGT (Maths), I/c
  2. 2. Ms. Pooja Singodiya, TGT (Maths)
  3. 3. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar Shukla, TGT (Sans)
    1. 1. Ms Shailza Goyal, PRT  Primary  I/c
    2. 2. Ms. Vandana Devi   PRT
    3. 3. TGT SST2)





  1. Mr R K Soni TGT (Science) I/C
  2. Mr. V S Parihar TGT (Lib)
  3. Ms . Pooja Singodiya TGT(Maths)
  • Responsibilities of Core Committee
  • Raising the indent for the papers and other important requirement
  • Planning & conducting of FA / SA Exam as per schedule.
  • Listing out absentees and Planning & conducting Re-tests
  • To prepare the result analysis of internal exams and maintaining the record in an appropriate manner.
  • Distribution of CCE cards to class Teachers.
  • Distribution of the split up syllabus supplied by R.O to teachers and students.
  • Responsibility of Core team is to coordinate and direct the supporting staff for a smooth execution of the work.
  • It is mandatory for all the question paper setters to provide the question paper both in soft and hard copies duly computerized, without which Exam Department shall not accept the papers anything hand written.
  • Mr. P S Thakur PGT (Maths) will monitor the entire department proceedings and make sure that all wings of his department are functional appropriately.



Discipline committee

  1. Mr. S. SUJIT TGT (PH&E) I/c
  2. Mrs Vikas Meshram , PGT (Computer Science)
  3. Mr. P S Thakur , PGT (Maths)
  4. Mr. R K Saroj, PGT (Economics)
  5. Mr. V S Parihar, TGT (Lib)
  6. Mr. P K Tiwari (PRT)
  7. Counsellor
  8. All Class Teachers
  • Checking of student’s uniform, late comers, students missing assembly.
  • Checking of students’ behavior in and outside the class.
  • Monitoring the movement of students in lines during arrival, departure and to ensure safe passage to students.
  • Checking of students entry and exit in line from outside and inside school gates before morning assembly and after school hours. (Class teacher also assist)
  • Conducting Discipline proceedings and submitting a report on such inquiries conducted and outcome of the inquiry along with recommendation.
  • A monthly report on discipline proceedings & steps taken up and observations made have to be submitted to Principal.
  • Checking the Movement of students in corridor without out-passes and recording the same to intimate Principal.


Flag Hosting and Retreating Ceremony

  1. 1. Mr S Sujit, TGT (P&HE) I/c
  2. 2. Mr R K Soni TGT (SCI)
  3. 3. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar Shukla TGT (Sanskrit)
  4. 4. Mr. P K Tiwari  PRT

  • To ensure raising of National Flag every morning and it’s lowering before sunset in our KV.
  • To position the flag post at prominent place.
  • To follow DO’s and Don’ts to honour our National Flag.
  • To ensure compliance of the Flag Code.




Administrative support

  1. 1. Mr. Ram Kumar Saroj PGT (Economics) I/c
  2. 2. Mr. P S Thakur, PGT (Maths)
  3. Mr P K Tiwari PRT
  • Necessary correspondence to KVS RO/ HQ etc. as per the direction of Principal.
  • Interacting with the teachers and directing them on their academic duties. It is the sole responsibility of Senior Most PGT to check the academic activities of teachers. He will prepare plan and schedule for Notebooks (C/w & H/w) checking.
  • Preparing academic calendar department wise for 2017-18


KV Shaal Darpan

  1. 1. Mr. Vikas Meshram, PGT (CS)  I/c
  2. Mrs Pawan Kumar Thakur PGT (Maths)
  3. Mr. Manish Sahu TGT (WE)
  4. 4. Mr. V S Parihar , TGT (Lib)
  5. 5. KOMAL
  6. 6. Computer Instructor
  7. 7. Class Teachers
  • To monitor activities of KV Shaal Darpan.
  • To make entry on KV Shaal Darpan Web Portal.
  • To send report to parents and stake holders.
  • To follow up all work related to KV Shaal Darpan.



  1. 1. Mr. Rakesh Yadav, TGT (PH&E) I/c
  2. 2. Mr. Manish Sahu, TGT (WET)
  3. Mr V S Parihar ,TGT (Lib)


  • Preparing the list of articles for condemnation for 2017–18 in the new format and keep ready for Physical Verification
  • Raising the indent of the Furniture required within the ceiling.
  • Maintenance of furniture register & inventories in each class, lab, departments, library, office etc.
  • Preparation of list of repairable and broken furniture.
  • Submission of requirements of shortage making inventory and monitoring.








School Building

Civil & Electrical Maintenance committee

  1. 1. Mr. Manish Sahu, TGT (WET) I/c
  2. 2. Mr. Vivek Singh Paihar, TGT (Lib)
  3. 3. Mr. S SUJIT, TGT (PH&E)
  4. 4. Mr. RISH NARAYAN , TGT(Art&Edu)
  5. 5. Mrs Niharika PRT (Music)









  • Raising the quotations for procurement of materials required for civil work.  Monitoring of Vidyalaya infrastructure development and works in progress.
  • Checking the cracks in the wall, tree/plants growth in the roof and side walls of the Vidyalaya.
  • Monitoring and recording of civil work / repair work undertaken.
  • Preparing the estimates and submitting request for procurement of materials such as gitty (stone dust/ stones), sand, cement etc., with clear justification.
  • Stock entry of the material purchased and proper usage of material purchased and record of the same in the stock register.
  • Certifying the proper usage of material at appropriate and required places.
  • Informing Principal the areas of immediate attention.


Medical Room


First Aid

  1. 1.MR S SUJIT TGT (PH&E.) I/c
  2. 2. Counseller
  3. 3. Ms. Ruchi Goel PRT
  4. 4. Doctor of Vidyalaya
  5. 5. Nurse of Vidyalaya


  • Planning a calendar of activities of the department such as on which dates Medical checkup has to be carried out.
    • Planning with doctor for a medical checkup for children twice a year.  Collection of medical Certificate from class teachers.
    • Keep first aid item readily available in staff room, sports room and principal room. After the medical checkup, getting the cards binded and kept as a record.















Time Table

Secondary Department

Primary Department






  1. 1. Mr. Alok Modi , TGT (Hindi)   I/c
  2. 2. Mr. V S Parihar, TGT  (Lib)








Responsibilities of Core Committee


  • Preparation of class & teachers’ Time Table as per KVS norms.
  • Preparation of special Time Table for Board classes, Remedial classes, Classes for slow learners, and Zero period.
  • Monitoring of bell timing.
  • Distribution of Registers to all the class monitors to note every day’s activity period-wise.
  • Collecting the registers and submitting the same to Principal for his supervision.
  • Random checking for teachers attending the classes during their arrangement.
  • To ensure no teacher who is absent is left without arrangement.
  • 1st period time table should be announced by teacher in charge during morning Assembly itself.









CCA  Coordinator


CCA material Purchase


Important Days celebration committee

  1. 1. Mr. MUKESH KUMAR PGT (ENGLISH), Secondary I/c
  2. 2. Ms. Ruchi Goel, PRT, Primary, I/c


  1. 3. Mrs Mamta Verma , TGT (SST)
  2. 4. Mr Alok Modi TGT (Hindi)
  3. 5. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar Shukla, TGT (Sanskrit)
  5. 7. Mrs Niharika, PRT (Music)
  7. 9. All Class Teachers


  • Preparation of Calendar of activities for 2017-18. Preparation of Days to be observed and celebrated in the year 2017-18.  House distribution activity. Selection and celebration of School Captains and Vice Captains under student’s council.
  • Planning, preparation and Celebration of Annual Day
  • Duty allotment and monitoring of assembly program.
    • Checking of the information on the display board in corridor and class rooms.
    • Theme selection for every month and carrying out the suggested activities.
    • Maintaining the record of achievements of the students of house and maintaining transparency in the result process.
    • Important announcements in the assembly, planning & preparing students for various activities. For this, the CCA  I/c or deputy has to meet Principal to note the next day’s announcements.
    • Important dates shall be collected and be celebrated appropriately.
    • The committee  can even suggest Principal for the purpose



CS-54 and CS-11

Fees Record

  1. 1. Mr Vikas Meshram, PGT(CS) I/c
  2. 2. Computer instructor
  3. 3. All Class Teachers



  • Maintenance of CS-54 and CS-11 & its verification every month.
  • The committee is responsible for submitting every month the statements of CS – 54 and CS – 11. The committee is responsible for preparing and submitting CS-54 and CS – 11







Staff Quarters

Civil & Electrical Maintenance committee

  2. 2. Mr P.S. THAKUR PGT (MATHS)
  3. 3. Mr. R K Soni , TGT (Science)
  4. 4. Mr V S Parihar, TGT (Library.)
  5. 5. Mr. Manish Sahu, TGT (WE)
  6. 6. Mr S SUJIT TGT (PH&E)
  7. 7. Ms. Pooja Singodiya TGT (Maths)
  8. Mr. TAPAS PAL (JSA)



  • Monitoring of Vidyalaya staff quarters electrical fittings and fixtures.
  • Monitoring and recording of electrical work / repair work undertaken.  Preparing the estimates and submitting request for procurement of materials with clear justification.
  • Stock entry of the material and proper usage of material purchased and record of the same in the stock register.
  • Certifying the proper usage of material at appropriate and required places.
  • Ensuring proper functioning of electrical fittings and fixtures.  Informing Principal the areas of immediate attention.


(A)   Teaching And audio visual aids

  1. 1. Mr. Ram Kumar Saroj, PGT (Eco) I/c
    1. 1. TGT (SST)2


  • Procurement of Audio Visual and teaching aids.
  • Upkeep of audio visuals and teaching aids.
  • List of Audio Visual and teaching aids used by the teachers.


Educational Tour



(Planning year calendar & Plan of action)

  1. 1. Mr. P K  Tiwari, PRT  I/c
  2. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar Shukla, TGT (Sans)





  • Planning of educational tour for different classes as per schedule given by the KVS.
  • Deciding the places to visit through formal discussions with Principals and submit a report through the register meant for the purpose of excursions to children.
  • Taking students to local places of educational and tourist interest.
  • Planning safety measures, communicating parents through DO Letters, charting the buses, contacting the visiting places, taking permissions etc., are the responsibilities of the committee and submitting a final report for modifications and necessary approval.


Photography, Press

  1. 1. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar Shukla, TGT (Sanskrit)
  2. 2. Mr. Alok Modi TGT (Hindi)


  • Arrangement of photographer for important functions.
  • Display of photographs on display boards along with proper headings. Maintaining the album of the Vidyalaya Year-wise.
  • During the inspections Albums have to be presented to Inspection officers


Career Guidance and


(To Plan and fix the dates)

  2. Mr. P S Thakur PGT(Maths)
  3. Mr. R K Saroj  PGT(Eco)
  4. Mr R K  Soni TGT (Science)


  • Year Planner for counseling sessions shall have to be prepared by I/c of the committee. A minimum of 06 (six) such counseling sessions shall have to be planned and be organized and reporting is mandatory.
  • Collection of information and providing to students. Arrangement of Guest Lectures.
  • Monthly report has to be submitted on activities undertaken for providing information to the students - Please use a separate register.


Primary Education –

(CMP)/cmp news letter

  1. 1. P K Tiwari PRT I/C
  3. 3. Ms Ruchi Goel, PRT
  4. 4. Ms. KOMAL , PRT

Year Planner shall have to be prepared by each head.

  • Planning and preparation Calendar of activities.
  • Supervision of Primary classes. All the new entries may be supervised with the help of Mr. Sarvesh Kumar, Sr. PRT of the Vidyalaya, so that necessary help can be given to them to understand about CMP work and CCE work.
  • Maintaining the bank of Worksheets on yearly basis and getting the book of worksheets binded and display in CMP room. All works related to primary education.
  • Maintaining CMP & CCE Records.  Formation of Committees for primary wing for smooth conduct of Primary wing. A monthly report on activities undertaken by the Primary wing.


Scout and Guide

Cubs and Bulbul

  2. Ms Pooja Singodiya TGT (Maths)
  3. Mr. Alok Modi , TGT (Hindi)
  4. Mr. P K Tiwari , PRT)
  5. Ms. Ruchi Goel, PRT
  6. 9. Mrs Niharika, PRT (Music)
  • Registration of units.
  • Fresh registration for Pravesh, Cubs & Bulbuls etc.
  • Conducting upgrading camps & celebrations related to Scout.
  • Taking up Community development and service works once in a month.
  • Submitting monthly Reports & carrying out other work related.


Subject Committee

In Charge

  • Every month these committees invariably sit and discuss on agenda that pre-decided and got approved by Principal. The agenda shall be on the following points. These points are suggestive but not exhaustive and teacher Head can explore more and make committee meeting a novel and noble sitting so that a fruitful outcome is realized.
  • Split up syllabus month wise and teacher wise.
  • Project work-term wise.   Weightage of marks to each topic.
  • Evaluation scheme.  Practical work.
  • Class room activities and teaching aids. Model question paper.
  • Identification of slow learners and gifted children and remedial action.
  • Under achievers / slow learners identification.
  • Strategy for effective monitoring for students improvements.  Educational tour.
  • Class activities, Exhibition, Exam- FA/SA/UT/HY/SEE.
  • Preparation of subject magazine.
  • CCE work and Files of Formative Assessments carried out topic-wise by the teachers.
  • Innovations taken up and the reports thereof.


PGT (English)

Hindi & Sanskrit

PGT (Hindi)


Mrs.  A D Gajbhiye  PGT (Bio)

Social Science

Mr. R K Saroj, PGT (Eco)


Mr. P S Thakur PGT (Maths)

E. Class Room




Mr. Vikas Meshram, PGT (CS)

MR Manish sahu TGT Wet


Library Advisory Council

  1. 1. Mr. Vivek Singh Parihar , TGT (Lib) I/c
  2. 2. PGT (Hindi )
  3. 3. PGT (English)
  4. 4. Mr. Alok Modi , TGT (Hindi )
  5. 5. , TGT (Hindi) 2


  • Planning and preparing the books for condemnation.
    • Supervising the Library activities undertaken by the Librarians and seeking a report on monthly basis.
    • Raising the requirement of books taking the list from students of classes XI and XII and respective subject teachers.
    • Submission of requisition to Principal for procurement through the committee. Strictly following Library Policy of KVS.  Improving library service and its monitoring. Note: Librarians are to prepare an Yearly planner of activities and submit to Principal.


Computer Lab committee

Monthly Report & Website updating

  1. 1. Mr Vikas Meshram . PGT (Comp. Sc) I/c
  2. 2. Computer Instructor
  3. 3. Miss  Ruchi  Goel  PRT


  • Update Vidyalaya website once in every fortnight and as when it is required.  Updation of Enrollment of students class-wise and section-wise.  Staff vacancy position.
  • Computer infrastructure data.
  • Other allied information that is required by KVS.

Note: PGTs’ (Comp. Science) are responsible for the website updating through coordination with respective department heads.


Value Education

& Integrity Club

  1. 1. Mrs POOJA SINGODIYA TGT (Maths ) I/c


  • Preparation of Annual calendar of value based education programs and activities.
  • Conducting of value education program as per KVS guidelines.

Eco Club

  1. 1. Mrs R K SONI , TGT (SCIENCE)
  • Conducting activities related to the Club.

Literary Club

  1. 1. PGT (English)
  • Conducting activities related to the Club



  1. 1. Mr R K SONI, TGT (SCIENCE) I/c
  2. 2. PGT (Chemistry), TGT (Sans)
  3. 3. PGT (Physics)
  4. Mrs. Mamta Verma TGT (SST)
  5. Counselor
  • Organizing PT meeting, creating awareness among parents and children about the changes in adolescent (adult) stage, Awareness about sexual diseases, Solution for stress related problems. Planning, Preparation and conducting the programs.
  • Every 10th of month AEP classes are to be conducted on core issue. Submitting a monthly report to Principal.


Result Moderation

  1. 1. Mr P S THAKUR PGT (MATHS), I/c
  2. 2. Mr Vikas Meshram  PGT (CS
  3. 3. Mr. P S Thakur PGT (Maths)
  4. 4. Mr. R K Saroj PGT(Eco)
  5. 5. Mr. Alok Modi TGT(Hindi)
  • To decide the hard and difficult cases. Formulating the criteria to decide class wise result of border case.



Hygiene and Sanitation


Drinking water

  1. 1. Mr. Manish Sahu , TGT (WET) I/c
  2. 2. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav, TGT (P.H.E)
  3. 3. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar Shukla TGT (Sansk)
  4. 4. Mr. G K Soni TGT (A&E)
  5. 5. All the Teachers
  • Checking cleanliness in toilet and other places, daily pursuing sweeper to work promptly.
  • Submitting Monthly report on observations.
  • The committee shall take up the work in a very effective manner so that, children get hygienic environment and sanitized toilets. Please ensure that, the labours use disinfectants. Keep the contact number of the contractor responsible for and update him with the problems observed. The undersigned is confident on the team constituted as they execute the work promptly.
  • Once in every week, the committee shall go round the Vidyalaya exterior view and find out the growths in the wall and the surroundings.
  • Plan the cleaning campaign and get the work done with the help of contractor / Labour.
  • Submit the requisition and report on the work completion.


Beautification & Garden

  1. 1. Mr. G K Soni , TGT (A&E) I/c
  2. 2. Mr R K  Soni
  3. 3. Mr  R K Yadav
  4. 4. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar TGT (Sanskrit)
  5. 5. Mrs Niharika, PRT (Music)
  6. 6. Miss Pooja Singodiya TGT(Maths)


  • Garden maintenance observation and making suggestions to gardener.
  • Monthly review of garden and suggestions to improvement.
  • Submitting of monthly review of garden & Beautification of Vidyalaya.
  • Raising the requirement for Garden and Vidyalaya beautification.



Reception & Refreshment

Committee for all the occasions

  1. 1. Mrs A D Gajbhiye. PGT (Bio) I/C
  2. 2. Mr P S Thakur , PGT (Maths)
  3. 3. Mrs Vineeta Dubey TGT(Maths)
  4. 4. Counselor
  5. 5. Nihal Mishra (JSA)
  6. 6. Sub Staff



  • The committee is responsible to get the front elevation of the Vidyalaya fully decorated and reception formalities shall be made to the perfection.
  • Refreshment procurement and arrangement is another vital responsibility shall be done meticulously.
  • Fixing and arranging the arena for refreshment of Guests and teachers and volunteers during big events.


  • The entire infrastructure required (spoons, plates, cups, saucers, drinking water etc.) for smooth conduct of refreshment distribution though proper work distribution amongst is the main responsibility to be executed meticulously.

Note: 11th hour planning or doing be avoided for important events. All the events that go with external guest are always important and shall go without any hiccups. Postponing is bad attitude, so avoid it.


Vidyalaya Magazine and

Quarterly News Letter for Primary Committee

  1. 1. PGT (Eng)
  2. 2. PGT (Hindi)
  3. 3. Mr. Alok Modi , TGT (Hindi)  I/C
  4. 4. TGT (Eng) 1
  5. 5. TGT (Hindi) 2
  6. 6. Mr. Vaibhaw Kumar Shukla, TGT (Sanskrit)
  7. 7. TGT (English) 2


  • Overall Planning of the magazine collection as per fixed schedule.
  • Collect the materials and keep updating them periodically.
  • Prize recipients (students, teachers) shall be asked to give their photographs. Teachers/officers/officials retiring from services shall have a space to be part of Vidyalaya Magazine.
  • The magazine collection and compilation work shall be completed before December 2016.  Responsible for the planning quarterly Newsletter for Primary lines of previous year. Dates of unveiling the Newsletter shall be decided through a planner and accordingly the work has to be conducted and keep ready.
  • Every quarterly the Newsletter has to go to Regional Office to update them on the work & conduct of the Vidyalaya primary wing



  1. 1. Mrs A D Gajbhiye PGT (Bio)
  • To attend the quarries made under RTI and ensure their response is made on or before the stipulated date.
  • Collect data/information to be incorporated in the reply of such letters. The members and I/C to keep them updated with the rules and procedures regarding RTI act.


SC/ST/OBC Scholarship & Samagar

  1. 1. Mr. P S Thakur PGT (Maths
  2. 2. Mr. Vikas Meshram PGT (CS) I/C
  3. 3. TGT (SST)2
  • Make a list of all SC/ST/Minority awarded scholarship
  • Maintain a record of students who receive the scholarship


राजभाषा कार्यान्वय समिति

Raj Basha Committee

  1. 1. PGT (Hindi)
  2. 2. Mr. Alok Modi , TGT (Hindi) I/C
  3. 3. , TGT (Hindi) 2
  • Periodical reports shall be prepared as per the schedule and without any reminder from Head of the Institution. So, the committee requires some plan on Raj Basha implementation. So, Year planner may be prepared for the purpose.
  • Hindi Pakhwada has been the sole work, we do for Raj Basha. So, the committee is responsible to plan some more activities prior to Hindi Pakhwada and conduct through Hindi classes and CCA activities and CCE activities so that, the report sent to KVS about the Raj  Basha  implementation will be decorative and acceptable.
  • Every month a test on intricacies of Rajbasha has to be conducted for teachers.
  • Every month a lesson on Hindi Grammar should be taken.
  • I/c is responsible for preparation of reports

(रिपोर्ट / औपालन प्रतिवेदन इत्यादि)


Income Tax


Form 16

  1. 1. Mr. Vivek Singh Parihar  TGT (Lib) I/c


  • The committee will maintain a register and record month-wise collection of income tax.
  • The committee will coordinate with office and CA who is looking after the Vidyalaya income tax work and ensure submission of all the documents.
  • The committee has to review the income tax collection and challan submissions every month ad record the SBI challans with challan numbers and dates.
  • The committee is authorized to speak to CA and note down the procedure of completing the work of Income tax.


T.C preparation and


  1. 1. Mr. Nihal Mishra JSA, I/C
  2. 2. Mr. Alok Modi TGT(Hindi)
  3. 3. Computer instructor


  • The committees for Primary and Secondary are responsible to prepare and verify amongst and submit the completed TCs for Principal’s signature.
  • If one member of the committee prepares the T.C then other member will check the data entered and sign in checkers column.
  • The committee is required to check the details such as – fee payment; no dues of all departments / class teacher signature with date and Name.
  • TCs’ are vital documents of a child’s life. So, committee is required to be very careful while writing the data in T.C books of KVS.


Parent Teacher Meeting- I - V

Meeting to be called in  August/ Dec & Jan

Parent Teacher Meeting

Classes VI to XII

Meeting to be called in  August/ Dec & Jan

Parent Teacher association


  1. 1. Mr R K Saroj i/c
  2. 2. Mr. P S Thakur
  3. 3. Mr. P K Tiwari  PRT

  • To plan for periodical meetings with the parents.
  • To invite the parents well in time and to ensure their presence.
  • To plan for useful discussions in those meetings, to fulfill the very purpose of the P.T.A.
  • To plan for personal discussion with the parents of slow-learners for improvement.
  • To invite parents for their presence during important celebrations in the KV.
  • Month-wise report on meetings conducted shall be submitted to Principal.  It is mandatory


Grievance Committee

  2. 2. Mr. P S Thakur PGT(Maths)
  3. 3. Mr.  S SUJIT, TGT (PH&E)
  4. 4. Mr P K TIWARI PRT
  • To periodically open suggestion box at least once    in two months.
  • To keep a record of suggestions or grievances received from the students, staff or parents. To maintain the minutes of the meetings.







Internal Complaint Committee against

Sexual Harassment & Gender Sensitization Committee


2. Mrs. Vineeta Dubey TGT (Maths)






  • Prevent discrimination and sexual harassment against women, by promoting gender amity among students and employees;
  • Deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, in a time bound manner, aiming at ensuring support services to the victimized and termination of the harassment; Recommend appropriate punitive action against the guilty party to the Principal.




  1. 1. Mr. R K Soni  TGT (Science) I/c


  • To conduct the NCC work smoothly and provide proper guidance in the field of NCC and its scope in the long run of education.


Alumni Association

  1. 1. Mr. Vikas Meshram PGT (Comp.Sc) I/C
  2. 2. Mr Alok Modi  TGT Hindi


  • To maintain proper records of alumni of the Vidyalaya.
  • To arrange alumni meet in the Vidyalaya by discussing with the undersigned.


Staff Club

  1. 1. Mr.  Vivek Singh Parihar , TGT (Lib) I/C
  2. 2. Mr.Alok Modi , TGT (Hindi)
  3. 3. Ms Pooja Singodiya  TGT (Maths)
  4. 4. Miss Ruchi Goel PRT
  5. 5. Mrs Niharika PRT(Music)
  • Welcome / farewell party to the new / outgoing staff and welfare activities to be organized.


Teacher’s Lunch

time duty chart preparation

  1. 1. Mr. S SUJIT, TGT (PH&E) I/C


  • To depute teachers on duty during lunch time for the safety and security of Students.
  • Teachers on duty will be totally responsible for the safety and security of child in the ground and in the Vidyalaya premises.